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Unionist leaders silent on teachers sectarian intimidation - Hazzard

2 February, 2014 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MLA and education spokesperson Chris Hazzard has questioned why unionist political leaders are silent on the the intimidation against a catholic school teacher by the Protestant Coalition.

Speaking today Mr Hazzard said.

“It is now five days since the targeting of a catholic school teacher, working at the Boys Model School, by the Protestant Coalition began. This is the same anti peace process Protestant Coalition which the unionist parties deemed necessary to consult with during the recent Haass Talks.

“In the five days since this young teacher was intimidated from her job because of her religion and her membership of Sinn Féin not one unionist political leader has spoken out in her defence and took a stand against the rejectionist mob driving this campaign.

“Once again Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbitt are failing the test of political leadership. Mr Robinson is the First Minister. And yet for five days he has remained silent in the face of blatant sectarian intimidation emanating from within his community.

“Sinn Féin have repeatedly called for positive leadership from within the unionist and loyalist community.  We need to hear a clear message from political unionism about the organised targeting of this young teacher, what they intend to do to bring it to an end and how they intend to promote equality, mutual respect and parity of esteem for everyone.

“The question for them is very simple – do they support the right of this young woman to go to her work free from threat and harassment or not?  If they do they must make this clear and stand up to the rejectionist sectarian rabble driving this disgraceful campaign of intimidation.”

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