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Lynn Boylan - Sinn Fein are challenging the cronyism that is endemic

8 February, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

A chairde,

What we have seen emerge from the Public Accounts Committee over the last few months has come as no surprise to many, the dogs on the street could tell you that those who know the right garda can get their ticket fixed and that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have looked after their cronies with cushy positions for decades.  

What has grabbed the attention of the public though are two things,

Firstly the level of contempt that some of those brought before the Public accounts committee have shown for the workings of it.  Their attitude of ‘Who do these elected representatives think they are questioning me on ‘my force’ or ‘my salary’ and

Secondly, the sense of entitlement that some members of this society have.

You see comrades, it appears that in Ireland 2014, there are those of us who are equal and then there are those of us who are just that little bit more equal.

Take for example Ann, Ann is a widowed pensioner who recently got pursued for a couple of thousand euro because she failed to inform welfare that she gave her unemployed son a roof over his head after he was evicted from his flat.

While on the otherhand another pensioner, Michael Fingleton, ah yes remember him?  He presided over the reckless behaviour in Irish Nationwide and walked away with a rolls Royce pension, a €1 million bonus and a rolex.  

How Dylan, a five year old with Down’s Syndrome had his discretionary medical card taken from him along with 1,000 other children like him because we live in straightened times and we all have to make sacrifices.

Well someone should have told Paul Kiely that when he was taking a severance payment of €742,000 from funds raised in aid of children with disabilities.

Now I could go on & on with examples of the lack of fairness in Irish society, about how there are those within the golden circle and then there are the rest of us.  

I could talk at length of how having the Taoiseach from your county gets you 70% more lotto grants or how the minister of health can invent some algorithim to bump his primary health care centres up the waiting list.

But as I said it is not so much what is happening that has shocked people sitting at home it is that no one ever seems to be held to account.  

Where is the fairness in this country? 

How is it that we can lock a 79 year old cancer patient, Margaretta D’arcy in prison for protesting but we can’t lock up developers who build death traps?

The work of the Public Accounts Committee has given the ordinary people of Ireland a glimmer of hope, as Deputies like Mary Lou McDonald demand the answers to the questions that the public are crying out to hear.   That committee has only begun to scratch the surface and look at how some in power have made attempts to stymie its work. They are nervous of what will be revealed next. Well they should be nervous because the time of the equal and the little bit more equal is over.  

What people want right now is transparency and accountability. 

30% of voters in this country are disillusioned, they have lost faith in their politicians and their political system.  Who could blame them? 

I am appealing to those voters today, please don’t stay home in May, there is an alternative, Sinn Féin is that alternative.  We are putting Ireland first.  We are challenging the cronyism that is endemic in the political institutions in this country, we are snapping at the heels of those who feel that they are somehow entitled to privileges.   Join us in May, vote Sinn Féin for representation that puts you, your family and your community first.  

 Go raibh Mile Maith Agaibh.

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