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Chris Curran - LGBT issues dominating the media

8 February, 2014

Tráthnóna maith, gach duine, Chris Curran ón Áth na Ghaimimh í Baile Atha Claith Theas agus Sinn Féin LGBT anseo. Tá mé ag caint faoi cheist LGBT sa lá atá inniu

LGBT issues have somewhat dominated the media over the last weeks and in my opinion, rightly so!

Let’s look at Russia for a minute 

Today, as a result of its anti-gay propaganda, associating LGBT people with pedophilia, a climate of hate exists where LGBT people are hunted down and endure horrendous physical attacks while the state turns away. 

Russia, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your actions are reminiscent of a 1930 Nazi Germany and would make Adolf Hitler a very happy man indeed.

Let me send a message to Vladimir Putin - The world is watching you - using gay people as a distraction from the chronic poverty, unemployment and social unrest in your country while spending €51 billion on the Sochi Olympics is unacceptable.

Although not as severe, Ireland is not immune from such right wing ideals. To many, their diatribe, creates the perception that there is something wrong with LGBT people. 

It pushes other LGBT people into the corners of their own lives, lives of isolation, loneliness, and poor self-image.

We have a state broadcaster, in turmoil, choosing to place money ahead of the freedom of expression. Panti Sinn Féin LGBT commends you. 

What type of Ireland do we live in, where:

  • LGBT Gardai are prevented from marching in their uniforms at Gay Pride, while their European colleagues look on with amazement?
  • where Transgender people are still not properly recognised under the law 
  • where our blood is not acceptable, while gay health workers and teachers live under threat
  • or an Ireland where LGBT people are more likely to self harm, abuse alcohol or drugs or suffer mental health issues. 

I cannot offer thanks to Labour, FF or FG for their performance on LGBT matters – for they governed while LGBT people were persecuted.

They were shamed by the ECHR to decriminalise homosexuality.

The LGBT legacy is a scar that runs through every family, over successive generations of our society and needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

This year we have introduced a discussion document to bring these issues to the surface. Its intention is to generate both internal and external dialog and to put forward a most radical LGBT policy that, under a Sinn Féin government will see us, not follow, but lead Europe in LGBT rights.

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