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Pa Daly - Labour promised revolution, we got destitution

8 February, 2014

 A Chairde, 

Many of you will remember this time 3 years ago when Enda Kenny declared that there had been a “democratic revolution at the ballot box”.

 Let’s review Enda’s so called revolution.

 Was it revolutionary to transfer the assets of our local authorities, our assets, to the monster quango that is Irish Water? He promised revolution, we got another Institution.

Was it revolutionary to cut the pay of our public sector workers while breaching the salary caps for his advisors? 

  Was it revolutionary to destroy the most basic element of local democracy by abolishing town councils and pretend that this is real local government reform? They promised revolution, we got dissolution. Minister Hogan has done for local government reform what Storm Brigid did to the sand dunes on Banna Strand. And Enda Kenny is content to allow Phil “Hurricane” Hogan to cause the damage.

  Was it revolutionary for the Labour Party to cut child benefit having told people it was a “red line” issue? They promised revolution, we got destitution.

 Was it revolutionary to promise an end to cronyism and then for the Minister in charge of reform, a Labour minister, to make 22 appointments to state boards without advertising A single position?

 Was it revolutionary for Ruairi Quinn to sign a pledge promising not to increase third level fees anD then  do the exact opposite when he became Minister?

 Was it revolutionary to introduce a tax on the Family Home where the multi-millionaire pays the same as someone on social welfare? Or to promise that 80% of this property tax would stay local only to send it all to central government? They promised revolution but they asked us for a contribution.

The reforms ignore the need for a house building programme. The remuneration of private landlords through the Rent allowance schemes is not cost effective, not working, is the worst form of short termism and it undermines whatever estate management has been created in areas so that again the common good is relegated. We were told this was a revolution. All we got was more of the same. 

We need effectively delivered local services, we need to reverse the establishment of Irish water, we need to protect ourselves against the rising tide of privatisation AND we need to allocate budgets for a home building scheme which will provide local jobs and properly. planned estates. 

it’s time to put your trust in Sinn Féin. 

Go raibh maith agaibh

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