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Pearse Doherty - our vision for economic recovery will leave no family behind

8 February, 2014 - by Pearse Doherty TD

A chairde, over the two hours of this live broadcast, another 20 people will emigrate from the shores of the 26 Counties. 

Every hour,  of every day, 10 people emigrate, leaving their families, friends and communities behind. 

10 people who may never come home. 

10 homes that will now have the empty chair at the dining table every birthday, every Easter and every Christmas. 

I want to speak directly to the families of the people who have left since the crisis began.

I want to speak directly to people out of work right now. 

And tell you that Sinn Féin’s absolute priority is ensuring every person on this island can avail of a job.

Every person who has left us, is entitled to come home to a job. 

It should not be the case that any job will do. 

The Labour party believes that people should be happy to work on zero hour contracts, for minimum wage employment or in the utterly failed jobs bridge scheme. 

We have more respect for the talent and the skills of the Irish people. 

We believe workers have rights and are entitled to decent pay in decent jobs.  

At every turn, Sinn Féin has produced fully costed detailed proposals to create and retain jobs. 

We have shown how these proposals would be paid for, to the cent. 

Among our proposals:

We want to see investment in indigenous Irish business. 

We want the sugar beet industry reestablished in the South East.

We want the A5 road completed in the North West to open up trade and tourism in the region. 

We want Knock airport and Cork Docklands developed and the housing regenerations completed in Limerick and Dublin.

We want primary health care centres built throughout the State and not just where Minister James Reilly thinks is appropriate. 

This infrastructure will improve our competitiveness and create jobs in construction, tourism and SMEs. 

We want people employed to fix the leaking water system – not to install metres outside people’s homes so families can be charged for leaking water. 

The €85 million spent by Irish Water on consultants could have paid a year’s salary for 2000 workers fixing our water infrastructure. 

We want upward only rents abolished so small businesses can afford to keep the roof over their head and not work themselves to the bone to feather the nest of their landlords.

Yes our plans are ambitious because that is what Ireland needs, that is what every person currently looking for work deserves, it is what every mother or father who has lost a son or daughter to emigration demands.

The height of this government’s ambitions is to have an unemployment rate of 10.4% in 2015 and they won’t turn off the emigration tap, because the more people leave, the better the live register looks. 

Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil are the failed parties of yesterday. 

They are the unquestioning administrators of a join the dots economic policy that puts banks and bondholders before families and the futures of Irish children. 

They are functionaries, not visionaries. 

We told them at the start of the crisis they needed to focus on jobs. 

Six years later, and it’s like economics for slow learners. 

They pay consultants millions to produce glossy reports on jobs which tick all the boxes bar one – ending unemployment. 

Sinn Féin is the party of the future. 

My commitment to you, is that our vision for economic recovery will leave no family behind. 

I mí na Bealtaine, tá an deis agat vóta a chaitheamh ar son pairtí atá i ndairíre fa fostaíocht a chruthú agus atá i ndairíre fa deireadh a chur leis an imirce. Glac an deis sin agus dean cinnte nach bhfuil teaghlach ar bith fagtha chun chúl. 

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