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Jonathan Graham - I’m the youngest candidate in the country and I believe in Sinn Fein’s vision for a New Ireland

8 February, 2014

I’m 19. It’s Ireland in the 1980’s. I’m unemployed...I’m joining the queue for the boat.

I’m 19. It’s Ireland in 2014. I’m unemployed. I don’t want to join the queue for the boat.

I’m told I’m a Celtic Tiger Cub. I was told youth unemployment was a blight of the past, a paragraph for the history books eradicated by the sacrifices of my parents, of your parents and of their parents before them.

My parents hoped that my generation would be different,

….but now that hope has been extinguished by the legacy of a Fianna Failed Government and the broken promises of the Fine Gael Labour coalition.

They promised to get Ireland working,

A promise made,

A promise broken,

But sure as Pat Rabbitte says, ‘that’s what they tend to do during 

an election’.

We’re told education is the foundation stone to employment - the key to unlocking future job prospects. Ruairi Quinn penned his pledge against any future increases in the student fees. 

Another promise made, another promise broken.

But sure as Pat says ‘that’s what they tend to do’

Youth unemployment currently stands at 29%. 6th highest rate in Europe.

What does this mean for my generation? 

  • The prospect of owning a car has faded into a dream, the reality being the inability to afford the bus.
  • The Inadequacy of not being able to contribute to our society, 
  • The feeling of worthlessness. 

Despite what a Labour deputy may say, my generation doesn’t sit at home watching flat screen TV’s. We want to work, but there are no meaningful jobs - but there could be, if this Government had the will to make the youth guarantee work.

The ILO told us it would take 436 million, instead we got 14 million. This is at a time where our youth are being exploited by jobs bridge, where our government waste untold millions bailing out bondholders, breaking salary caps while inflicting an economic plague throughout the land.


I live on Enda and Eamonn’s island. I don’t want to live on Enda and Eamonn’s island. I want to live in an Ireland where,

  • Our youth aren’t forced to leave, where emigration is a choice not a necessity.
  • Where youth unemployment rates aren’t soaring out of control.
  • Where our young people are not punished for the failings of successive governments.

Chairde, I’m not joining the queue for the boat. 

My name is Jonathan Graham, 

I’m the youngest candidate in the country and I believe in Sinn Fein’s vision for a New Ireland and I have a message for Enda, Eamonn, Ruairi and Pat ……

The Celtic cubs are growing into tigers and we will roar at the next election.

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