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Richie Boucher’s comments are belittling – Lynn Boylan

12 February, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin Dublin EU candidate Lynn Boylan has described Bank of Ireland Chief Richie Boucher’s comments at today’s IBEC conference for CEOs as proof in itself that that macho culture that drove the financial system over a cliff is still alive and well.

Speaking from Brussels where the young candidate is taking part in a number of cross party women’s events, Lynn Boylan added:

“Likening the Bank of Ireland’s reckless lending practices to that of a good girl getting herself into trouble at a wild party is offensive on so many levels.

“It’s no surprise that under Richie Boucher’s watch the Bank of Ireland does not have a single female executive member on its board.

“Richie Boucher may well be right to refer to the banking crisis as a wild party for himself and his senior banking buddies but it’s the elderly, the disabled and struggling homeowners who were left to pick up the tab.

“It is absolutely astounding that any senior executive would believe it is okay to get up in front of a gathering of his peers and use such a base analogy in 2014.

“Boucher’s belittling of the years of hardship families across this state have endured thanks to the reckless lending practices is mind boggling.

“There is no place in any organisation for the kind of macho culture Riche Boucher represents.”

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