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Gerry Adams calls on Interbrew to do the right things by the workers

2 September, 2004

Following the announcement by Interbrew to end brewing at their site on the Glen Road in West Belfast, Gerry Adams has written to the Chief Executive of Interbrew (Ireland and Britain) calling on the company to agree redundancy terms and a reskilling programme with the Union.

Gerry Adams said:

"The decision by Interbrew to end production at the Glen Road site ends over 100 years of brewing history in Belfast. This decision is a blow to regeneration in the area and its effects will be felt by workers and their families across Belfast.

"Since Interbrew took over the Brewery, the workers have introduced flexible working practises and other cost saving measures. The workers have acted in good faith.

"I would hope that Interbrew will respect their employees commitment to the company. There is a need for Interbrew to do the right thing by the workers and agree a redundancy package with Trade Unions that reflects their commitment and good faith.

"Further to this, there is a need for the Interbrew to work with governmental agencies and local training providers to ensure that workers are reskilled to meet emerging job opportunities.

"I would hope that these matter can be resolved and the other jobs at the site secured." ENDS

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