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Ó Snodaigh - Sinn Féin to put peace process crisis at centre of Dáil debate

23 May, 2003

ertain terms their outright and unqualified opposition to the British Governments actions.

"The Government and opposition parties in Leinster House must send a very clear message that the days of a British Government reinforcing the Unionist veto must end. The parties in Leinster House as representatives of the vast majority of Irish people who backed the Good Friday Agreement must defend that Agreement. We must demand in a unified voice in front of the International community, as the Agreement is an international one, that Britain adheres to both the letter and spirit of that Agreement. They must be left in no doubt that their support for David Trimble at the expense of democratic rights of people living in the Six Counties is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

"A second and equally important aspect of our Private Members motion is the whole issue of speaking rights for the representatives of people in the S any longer. Only very minor procedural matters need to be addressed.

"I will finish by outlining the four main demands in our motion. They are:

1. Demanding that the British Government fully restores the political institutions established under the Agreement

2. That it sets a date for Assembly elections to be held before end of June

3. We are also urging the Irish Government to provide representation in the Dáil for people from the Six Counties

4. And to promote all-Ireland policies and strategies across the full range of Governmental responsibilities

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