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Villiers comments smack of her partisan approach to the North – Conor Murphy

7 March, 2014 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy said that British Secretary of State Theresa Villiers comments regards the North and the OTR issue display yet again her government’s partisan view when it comes to the North.

The Newry/Armagh MP said:

“Theresa Villiers talks about victims of the conflict in the North but yet not once does she mention those many victims of the British State.

“It is also ironic that in one part of her speech Theresa Villiers talks about dealing with legacy issues and then goes on to say that the OTR issue, which is a legacy issue, is not going to be dealt with.

“What her comments smack off is her complete lack of understanding of the Peace Process and the political view points of republicans and nationalists, something which has been typical of her tenure in the North.

“Both the British and Irish governments signed up to deal with this anomaly at the Weston Park talks and this current British government adhered to it. To renege on this agreement between governments, following pressure from unionists, is a sign of bad faith.”   

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