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Violent burglars need to be taken off streets - Sinn Féin councillor

10 March, 2014

Sinn Féin councillor Mary Ellen Campbell said those responsible for a violent burglary in North Belfast need to be apprehended as soon as possible.

The North Belfast Sinn Féin councillor said:

“This aggravated burglary was a terrible ordeal for the family to go through and our thoughts are with the victims. Anyone with any information, no matter how small, needs to come forward as soon as possible.

“The whole community will be deeply alarmed at hearing of this incident and the reported level of violence involved. I’m urging residents to take all sensible measures to secure your homes and help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of such despicable crimes.

“Thankfully incidents like this are rare and people shouldn’t be living in fear. However, clearly those responsible must be apprehended as soon as possible and held to account for this attack. Sinn Féin will be meeting the PSNI as a matter of urgency on this issue.”

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