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Full Time Reserve must go

7 September, 2004

Commenting on the impending decision of PSNI Chief Hugh Orde regarding the future of the Full Time Reserve, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Policing Gerry Kelly said that the removal of this force was a clear demand of Patten and a demand which must be met.

Mr Kelly said:

" Patten recommended that the Full Time Reserve be phased out quickly. This important Patten demand has already been delayed by years, a move facilitated by the Policing Board, in direct contravention of the Patten proposals.

" Sinn Féin have consistently raised this matter in our discussions with the British government and this force clearly must be removed from the policing equation. The Full Time Reserve is unrepresentative and represents to nationalists and republicans a key element of a failed policing agenda.

" People will be watching closely whether or not the Policing Board are going to continue to acquiesce in maintaining this unrepresentative and discredited force." ENDS

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