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Hoax device achieved nothing but disruption

13 March, 2014 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin MLA Ian Milne has hit out at those who created disruption within their local community by leaving an elaborate hoax in Magherafelt.

 Mr Milne said,

“Whoever left the hoax device on the Tobermore Road have achieved nothing apart from causing severe disruption to the local community.

“Not only were residents hampered while the area was checked and cleared but local farmers attempting to take advantage of the good weather were also stopped from going about their business.

“Whether this was the work of a couple of individuals or by some grouping they need to explain their rationale to the local community.

 “There is no support for this type of activity and those involved should desist immediately from this type of action as the only thing they are achieving is disrupting the local community.” 

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