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International Day for the Right to the Truth an opportunity to return to Haass

23 March, 2014 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA Jennifer McCann has said that International Day for the Right to the Truth is a opportunity to return to the Haass proposals.

Speaking at Queens University Ms. McCann said:

“It is important if we are to move away from the past and create a better future that we deal with legacy issues including the truth surrounding the recent conflict.

"Sinn Féin has proposed that there be an international, independent truth recovery process as the best way forward. It’s our view there cannot be a process operated by any of the protagonists in the recent conflict.

 “Others have different ideas and that is fair enough. However, we need to take this opportunity to move the process forward in a way, which looks after the victims but also builds the future for the survivors.

 “While the recent Haass proposals were a compromise for Republicans we also saw that it provided a platform, which would allow us to begin a truth recovery process.

 “The sense of pain shared by all victims regardless of the circumstance of loss cannot be allowed to drift along onto future generations and we must act now.

“There is need to support the physical, emotional and psychological needs of victims and survivors and this includes support in the quest for truth. 

“The International Day for the Right to the Truth is a reminder that these issues have yet to be resolved and that they will not go away without being addressed.

“I am calling on all political parties and both the Irish and British Governments to return to the Haass Proposals and begin their implementation immediately.”

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