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Welcome for Fianna Fáil's decision to contest elections in the North -

23 March, 2014 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin’s MP Conor Murphy welcomed Fianna Fáil’s announcement it is to stand in Northern elections from 2019 as being ‘better late than never’.

 “As the only political party currently organised and contesting elections all over Ireland’s 32 Counties, Sinn Féin welcomes the decision by Fianna Fáil to stand in Northern elections from 2019.

 “Fianna Fáil has much to do for the Northern public to take them as a serious national player, given that there were only six motions on the North at the party Ard Fheis in a section dubbed ‘Northern Ireland and Foreign Affairs’.

 “However, this development comes after the establishment of a committee in Fine Gael to look at the possibility of organising in the North.

 “This clear realignment of Irish politics on a national basis has been brought about by the outworking’s of the Good Friday Agreement and the work of Sinn Féin to promote a framework of an agreed Ireland.

 “While Fianna Fáil has been slow to grasp the seismic shifts in Irish society and politics we welcome them coming late to the party.”  

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