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Ferris raises knackeries’ charges with Minister in Dáil

26 March, 2014 - by Martin Ferris TD

In the Dáil this morning, Deputy Martin Ferris TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Agriculture, Food and the Marine, asked Minister Coveney, if he would review his Department's ruling in January 2014 which restricts knackeries from bringing fallen animals aged more than 48 months to a rendering plant outside a 125 km zone.

Pointing to the hardship this directive is causing, Deputy Ferris asked the minister to revert to the previous scheme.

The Minister acknowledged that farmers are being charged more for the rendering of their animals under the new directive and that if this were the case, it was not acceptable and that he would consider reverting to the old system.

Deputy Ferris said: “The Minister should look at it again. Restricting fallen cattle aged more than 48 months to a 125 km zone is resulting in collaboration between knackeries in the area to fix the price due to a lack of competition.

“Those living in Border areas used to be able to take their fallen animals across the Border and it was far cheaper for them. I will ask the farming organisation that contacted me to supply the Minister with the information he requires.”

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