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"Tackling Poverty, Discrimination and Delivering Social Change are key to building a better future."

3 April, 2014 - by Jennifer McCann

Following a meeting with the European Economic and Social Committee today Sinn Féin MLA and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann said,

 "Many people from countries all over the world have praised the journey we have made in the Peace Process, and how we are promoting reconciliation.

 “It is vital that if we are to deliver a future based on the principles of equality, human rights and parity of esteem then we must tackle the social and economic discrimination that is responsible for poverty and deprivation.

 “We cannot create a better society on policies that attack those who are most vulnerable and in most need, particularly those on low incomes.

 “Job creation and the development of a strong economy is important to ensure that people have a decent standard of life.

 “Equally important is that the strong economy is used to tackle deprivation and deliver real social change that will improve the quality of life for everyone

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