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Discovery of listening device evidence of British government 'bad faith'

14 September, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has said that the discovery of a listening device at party offices in Connolly House is evidence of bad faith by the British government.

Mr Adams said:

"On Monday September 6th a sophisticated listening device was discovered in the home of a member of my staff.

"Following that incident I asked activists to check their homes, as best they can, and our party offices.

"Late last night, following several hours of intensive discussions with senior officials from the Irish and British governments, I received a phone call from a party colleague to go to Connolly House. A sophisticated listening device had been discovered.

"The device was constructed so that it could listen to conversations upstairs and in the conference room downstairs.

"While Republicans always work on the presumption that these devices exist, the use of this very sophisticated bug is a very serious act of bad faith by the British government.

"It highlights the continuing hypocrisy of a British system which uses its enormous resources to 'spy' on its political opponents.

"It is also evidence of the 'war mentality' among the securocrats who run the NIO and whose only engagement with the peace process is to subvert and undermine it.

"The question of course is who authorised this and how many more of these exist.

"Our delegation is bringing this device to Leeds Castle to Mr Blair and to seek an explanation from him.

Concluding Mr Adams said:

"I have spoken today to Downing Street and to the Taoiseach's department. I expect the Taoiseach to make strong representations to the British Prime minister." ENDS

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