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Campbell - Sinn Féin motion makes Council more accountable

15 September, 2004

Sinn Féin town councillor, Noel Campbell, has welcomed the passing of both his motions at last Thursday nights monthly meeting of Castlebar Town Council. Cllr. Campbell's first motion proposed that a councillor who attends an event on behalf of the authority must produce a report at the Council's next meeting detailing the events proceedings and stating how the event was of benefit to the Council.

The Sinn Féin representative in Castlebar said: "This motion was about prioritising the Council's money and making the Councillor who spends that money more accountable to the public. It was not always the practice of past Councils to seek such a report from councillors, now it will be.

"I proposed this motion on the same night the Council was to discuss the proposed introduction of pay and display parking in the town, my argument being that the council can not demand a second tax off the public and turn around and waste it on conferences and events that are not necessary. This motion is about prioritising the public's money. This Council has a five year plan to fund and if the public have to tighten their belts so too do their Councillors." ENDS

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