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City Council decision on Poolbeg Peninsula must be upheld

16 September, 2004

Sinn Féin representative for Dublin South East Councillor Daithí Doolan has called on City Council management to, "respect democracy and the outcome of Tuesday evening's vote to exclude incineration from the City Development Plan".

Responding to Assistant City Manager Matt Twomey's comments, that the vote made no difference, Councillor Doolan said: "Assistant City Manager Matt Twomey has claimed that the vote on Tuesday evening will have no effect and that the incinerator will go ahead. This is a disgrace. As late as yesterday evening I had spoken to City Management and they clearly said no decision has been reached on the issue. Now we have a senior member of management contradicting this. The issue has now become one of democracy and accountability."

"The motion calling for the rezoning of the Poolbeg Peninsula was overwhelmingly endorsed by City Council. No amount of threats or bullying can overturn that decision. What we must now do is to forge ahead with the City Development Plan and also pursue a Waste Management Strategy that respects the wishes of the majority and implement a sustainable, workable waste strategy. We have provided such a strategy, A Zero Waste Strategy, one that is based on reducing the demand to produce and consume waste, reuse where appropriate and the investment in our fledgling recycling industry. It is a strategy that goes to the source of our waste crisis rather than becoming dependant on landfill or incineration.

"This Sinn Féin motion to Dublin City Council calling for a new sub zoning section whereby only industry which complies with a non thermal treatment policy would get planning permission was passed by a substantial majority. This now rules out any incinerator on the Poolbeg Peninsula."

In conclusion, Cllr. Doolan has called for Matt Twomey's comments, "to be withdrawn and for an immediate meeting with City Management to discuss and clarify the situation. I am in no doubt that any attempt to undermine or overturn the decision will be met with the sternest of opposition from myself, my party, fellow councilors and the communities that elected us."ENDS

Note : The motion calling for rezoning was passed 32 in favour, 5 against 3 abstained.

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