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McLaughlin welcomes Dealing with the Past report

8 May, 2014

And the South Antrim MLA has urged all the political parties to come together to implement the Haass/O'Sullivan proposals.

Mitchel McLaughlin said,

"This report highlights once again the need to deal with the legacy of our past in a way that is structured and which addresses the needs of the greatest number of victims and survivors.”

"It is significant that the victims' and survivors’ forum, which represents victims and survivors from across the spectrum has informed the Commission's work on these difficult matters. This is offering real leadership and we as political parties should do the same.

"We in Sinn Féin are up for this. We were the only party to put forward our own proposals for dealing with the past.

“We were the first party to support the Haass/O'Sullivan proposals, recognising that, while they were a compromise, they offered, in our view, a real way forward.

"The legacy of our past is having a real effect on our present and our future. The past is colliding with our present every single day and is in danger of undoing the work that we have all put in to building the peace.

"Unless and until the political parties, and the Irish and British governments, agree a way forward it will continue to constantly drag us back and will not address the very real needs of victims and survivors in our society.

"All political parties need to go beyond their constituencies and come to agreement on this issue for the benefit of our society and for all citizens, including all victims and survivors.”

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