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Durkan’s poster ban has missed the mark - Molloy

9 May, 2014 - by Francie Molloy

Sinn Féin MP Francie Molloy said today that Mark Durkan’s focus on election posters along the route of the Giro has completely missed the point.

The Mid Ulster MP said:

“The Giro d’Italia is a fantastic experience.  However, one has to question the approach taken by the Environment Minister in relation to the route and his approach to providing an neutral environment by banning election posters.

“His singular focus on election posters while ignoring paramilitary flags and murals has allowed loyalists to erect hundreds of new union and paramilitary flags along the route.

“This is the image the world’s media will now capture.

“If Mark H Durkan can bring forward a ban on election posters on lamp-posts why not illegal flags or the hundreds of union flags that will fly until they are in tatters?

“He has proved impotent in tackling this scourge of marking out territory in an intimidating and provocative fashion ever the past few days in areas like Carrickfergus.

“The minister has effectively hamstrung the democratic process while allowing the erection of illegal flags from public property to continue unabated.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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