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Core principles of Agreement cannot be undermined

22 September, 2004

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness speaking after meeting the two governments in Stormont today has said that the core principles of the Agreement including power sharing and the All Ireland architecture cannot be undermined.

Mr McGuinness said:

"All of the work and progress of Leeds Castle was clearly in the context of the core principles and safeguards contained in the Good Friday Agreement including the fundamentals of power sharing and the All Ireland architecture.

"The focus, therefore, should be on moving forward on the basis of these fundamental principles and on resisting any attempt to dilute them.

"There is a particular obligation on the two governments, along with all of the pro-agreement parties, to do this.

"Rigorous accountability mechanisms already exist. Sinn Fein is not opposed to improvements in the efficiency and transparency of the institutions. But, we will not accept or sign up to anything which undermines the core elements of the Agreement." ENDS

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