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Sinn Féin the only alternative to failed politics of austerity – Matt Carthy

20 May, 2014 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Matt Carthy has said that Sinn Féin is the only alternative to the failed politics of austerity as championed by outgoing MEPs.

Speaking in Galway today the Midlands Northwest candidate said:

“Each of the outgoing MEPs in the Midlands Northwest supports the austerity agenda that has crippled ordinary families.

“Every day I meet people who are at the pin of their collar dealing with property taxes, water charges and a lack of jobs.

“That is what austerity is – piling hardship upon hardship on the hardest hit – those who did nothing to create the crisis and who want nothing more than to be able to feed and clothe their families and enjoy a modest standard of living.   

“The outgoing MEPs for the Midlands North West failed to speak out when the Irish people were being walked all over by the EU and the ECB. 

“These outgoing MEPs are austerity politicians and offer nothing to the people of the Midlands Northwest but more of the same.

“It is time Ireland had credible MEPs in Brussels that aren’t afraid to say it as it is and be critical when they need to be. A strong Sinn Féin team in the European Parliament will always put the interest of ordinary Irish people first and stand up for Ireland.”

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