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PSNI Unit no substitute for inquiries into state sponsored murder and collusion

28 September, 2004

Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Policing and Justice issues Gerry Kelly has said that the establishment and funding of a PSNI unit to investigate unsolved murders is not a substitute for the necessary inquiries into state sponsored murder and collusion.

Mr Kelly said:

" This is no substitute for the pursuit of the truth which is required to uncover the extent of British State involvement in collusion, murder, shoot to kill, plastic bullet deaths and other human rights abuses. This PSNI Unit (C7) is run by the same RUC cartel which pursues the same failed political agenda from within the PSNI. It has been responsible for politically motivated arrests over the past year including the detention of a leading member of Friends of Sinn Féin who was visiting family here in Belfast.

" Even Mark Durkan has acknowledged that nationalists will have no confidence in the PSNI retrospectively investigating anything let alone killings in which PSNI members who moved en masse from the RUC Special Branch either facilitated, encouraged or covered up.

" Already the figure of 1800 killings has been put as the extent of this units investigation. This figure of course excludes entirely those people killed as the result of direct British Army and RUC operations. So already the British government are using the establishment of this unit as a mechanism to frustrate the search for truth and continue the cover-up of the extent of their dirty war in Ireland." ENDS

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