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Spanish government must recognise Basque Parliament vote on self-determination - Sheehan

3 June, 2014 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan has called on the Spanish government to initiate meaningful and inclusive dialogue following a motion being passed in the Basque parliament calling for the right to self determination for the Basque Country.

Speaking today Mr Sheehan said:

“It is clear from the proceedings this week in the Basque Parliament that self determination and a democratic way of achieving this has been endorsed by the majority of political representatives elected on behalf the Basque people.

“For too long now the Spanish authorities in Madrid have not embraced the opportunities for peace and have ignored the democratic process and wishes of the Basque people.

“The right of the electorate to vote for Basque parties endorsing the current peace strategy is clear and should be respected.

“Now, following this vote, is an opportune time for the Spanish government to recognise the will of the Basques, initiate meaningful and inclusive dialogue to work on unresolved issues.”

Basque Parliament Motion: 10\11\02\01\0421

Presented by Euskal Herria Bildu and approved by the Basque Parliament, 29th May 2014. 

"The Basque Parliament ratifies and proclaims that the Basque Country has the right to self-determination and that this right is based in the power of its citizens to freely and democratically decide their political, economic, social and cultural status, either by adopting its own political framework or by sharing, in whole or in part, its sovereignty with other peoples."

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