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SF all-Ireland electoral gains creates new political landscape - Murphy

17 June, 2014 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy and Ard Chomairle member, Mayo Councillor Rose Conway Walsh are in London today, to speak at a Westminster public meeting.

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Conor Murphy said:

“Last month’s European and local government elections saw a significant change to the political landscape on the island of Ireland. Sinn Fein’s electoral gains seen the Party emerge as the largest party on the Island of Ireland.

“Sinn Fein topped the poll in a number of areas, electing all four of its MEP candidates, tripled its number of council seats in the south becoming the dominant party in many Councils, including the Cities of Derry, Cork, Belfast and Dublin.

”We fought the elections on an alternative to austerity and cuts platform, putting the needs ordinary people first. 

We stood clearly in support of the peace process and continued positive change. We stood for equality for all. We stood against racism, bigotry and sectarianism. 

This enhanced mandate was the response to the positive and clear message – that a better way is possible.

“We have serious and difficult challenges ahead. Making progress on the issues of flags, parades and the past will not be easy!  Addressing all of the outstanding issues of the Good Friday and subsequent agreements will be crucial in the upcoming engagements.

“The meeting this evening will provide an opportunity to discuss all of this with a wider audience.

“The British government must positively engage with the Parties to re-instil momentum in the peace process. Its disengagement in recent times has been detrimental to the efforts to create a society built on equality and inclusivity.

“This evening will be a chance to discuss the changed political landscape and to hear about the next steps going forwards.” 

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