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Francie Molloy MP to attend Home Rule centenary at Irish Embassy

1 July, 2014 - by Francie Molloy

Sinn Féin MP Francie Molloy will represent the party at an Irish Embassy event in London this evening, commemorating the centenary of the Home Rule Act.

Before leaving for London the Sinn Féin MP said:

"This event was originally scheduled for the Westminster Speakers’ residence.

“Unfortunately the Conservative party speaker, John Bercow, decided to put himself outside of the consensus that the various centenary events, which occur at this time should be respectful and inclusive.  

"For reasons of political posturing Mr Bercow attempted to exclude Sinn Féin MPs from attendance at this event.

"Fortunately the Irish Ambassador to Britain took a more mature and inclusive view of the situation and the event will now take place at the Irish Embassy.

"The period 2012-2023, marks the centenaries of a number of significant historical events, which have helped to shape our identities. 

"These include the commemorations of the Battle of the Somme, the Home Rule Act, The Dublin Lockout of 1913, the Easter Rising of 1916 and the Suffragettes movement to name a few.

 "There is no doubt that this decade will bring a number of challenges for all of us as we face up to the history of Britain's involvement in Ireland and consider how it impacts on our present.

 "A wide section of civic society including political parties, community and voluntary organisations, churches, civic leaders and business leaders have appealed for these centenaries to be respectful and inclusive. Sinn Féin will play our part in ensuring this is the case."

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