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DETI Minister's job is to attract tourists, not scare them away

7 July, 2014

North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay said today that threats by unionists to crank up tension over the 12th July would drive tourists away from the North.

 The unnamed political threat being outlined by Unionist parties is threatening tourists away from the North.

 He said that the Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister should 'check her job description' as she is clearly putting a parade decision ahead of local business.

 Mr McKay stated,

 "There is no doubt that the position taken by unionist politicians in recent days is sending negative signals out to potential tourists. It is such a shame that we are not yet in a position where we can compete equally for tourism markets given this adverse situation we have every summer.

 "The issue of parades needs to be sorted once and for all. Big event organisers, such as the Tour De France, will think twice about coming her in July if they were to see some of the irresponsible hyping up of tensions by the DUP and UUP over this period.

 "The business community and wider society need these issues dealt with once and for all. The Orange Order and Unionist politicians cannot be allowed to hold society to ransom every summer.”

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