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Ford plan to roll back on equality endorsed by unionist parties – O’Dowd

9 July, 2014 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has stated that it is no surprise that unionist parties have endorsed David Ford’s plans to roll back on equality measures under the Good Friday Agreement.

Speaking today Mr O’Dowd said: 

“There is nothing new in David Ford’s comments. We have seen a similar approach from various shades of political unionism over the past number of years. 

“David Ford’s comments come as there is an alignment of those opposed to the structures and essence of the Good Friday Agreement. 

“It is no surprise whatsoever that as a result the UUP and DUP have welcomed David Ford’s comments. 

“Voluntary coalition is code for unionist misrule. We went down that road for 50 years and look where it took us. The current arrangements are in place precisely because political unionism proved itself incapable of sharing power and incapable of basic equality.

“The Unionist parties need to wake up to a basic reality. If you are going to exercise political power then it will be in partnership with nationalists and republicans on the basis of equality. There is no other way.

“The only reboot needed in Stormont is for political unionism to return and engage in talks to come to a resolution on the toxic issues of flags, parades and the past instead of spending their time trying to dismantle the Good Friday Agreement.”

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