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Anderson criticises EU resolution on Gaza

16 July, 2014 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has criticised a European Parliament resolution on Israeli attacks on Gaza as ‘woeful’. 

Speaking after the European Parliament passed a European People's Party and Socialists and Democrats resolution on the current violence in Gaza, Ms Anderson said;

"The situation in Gaza is once again at crisis point. Millions worldwide are protesting against the slaughter happening there. 

"Unfortunately however, this joint resolution is a woeful attempt to address the reality of the current conflict. It neutralises the conflict to avoid criticising Israel. 

"The cosy consensus of European Peoples Party and Socialists and Democrats is disgraceful. 

"Almost 200 Palestinians are dead; 1,250 have been injured; 17,000 have sought refuge; 1,300 buildings including hospitals, schools and homes have been destroyed by Israeli bombs. 

"This is an appalling carnage. Attacks from both sides should stop immediately. 

"The causes of the conflict are ignored in this sham resolution. 

"Israel's collective punishment of Palestinians in the aftermath of the murder of three young Israeli boys, which we all deplore, is not mentioned. 

"The arrest of hundreds of Palestinians which added to tension in the region is not mentioned. 

"Israel's violations of international humanitarian law with the expansion of settlements and the construction of apartheid walls are not mentioned.”

"Israel's impunity over such gross violations must end."

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