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State violating human rights of council tenants – Dessie Ellis TD

6 August, 2014 - by Dessie Ellis TD

Sinn Féin Housing spokesperson has welcomed the news that the International Federation for Human Rights has filed a comprehensive complaint with the Council of Europe accusing the Government of presiding over appalling living standards and failing to meet basic and legal housing requirements.

Deputy Ellis continued;

“We believe firmly that the state has a responsibility to house people and is best placed to meet the housing needs of our population through Local Authority housing. This housing though must meet a standard which ensures the health and well-being of tenants.

“Successive governments including the current regime have failed miserably to meet that standard for many tenants particularly in older estates in Dublin City. They have turned their back on their responsibility to provide housing and in so doing have allowed conditions to slip so much that this complaint has been lodged.

“I believe complaint is utterly credible and hope that it serves as a warning that government must step up to the plate and start to deal with these issues.

“1 billion euro has been cut from housing since Budget 2008. The right to housing is still not recognised and the government policy is to shirk its responsibility onto voluntary bodies and subsidised private landlords.

“While this attitude remains the details of this complaint will continue to be a problem and the state will continue to violate the human rights of families it is charged with supporting and protecting.”

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