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Reaction to Derry unionist paramilitary statement

7 October, 2004

Sinn Féin Councillor Lynn Fleming has called on all Nationalists to review their safety after a joint statement from Unionist Paramilitaries UVF / UDA warned of attacks on the Nationalist community.

Councillor Fleming said:

"As per usual Unionist paramilitaries have now begun to turn their attention towards Nationalists in an effort to defuse tensions within their own organisations. This pattern has been seen over many years and has at times been excused by Unionist politicians as retaliatory actions.

"I am calling on all Nationalists, especially taxi drivers who have been targeted in a concerted campaign for over a year now, to review their personal security when going about their business.

"The response to attacks between Unionists factions by the PSNI is in stark contrast to the response of the ongoing attacks on Nationalist taxi drivers, the latest which saw a taxi attacked with an explosive device. While several arrests, confiscation of weapons, and house searches were carried out in an effort to halt inter factional violence the campaign against Nationalist taxi companies has been allowed to continue unabated.

"I would also call on the Loyalist Commission which includes politicians from all of the Unionist Parties, Protestant Churches and all of the Unionist Paramilitary Groups to use their influence to have this threat of attacks on Nationalists publicly withdrawn. As everyone is aware when Unionist Paramilitaries threaten action against Republicans they actually mean any vulnerable Catholic." ENDS

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