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Tory hypocrisy on welfare cuts exposed as Minister resigns – Maskey MP

12 August, 2014 - by Paul Maskey

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey said the resignation of Tory Cabinet Minister, Mark Simmonds exposes Tory hypocrisy and DUP complicity in attacking the most vulnerable in society when a cabinet minister claims to be unable to live on £290,000 a year.

The West Belfast MP said:

“The Tory minister resigned because he claims he can’t afford to live on a combined husband/wife publicly funded salary of £114,435 plus £173,436 expenses (2013). This highlights the sheer hypocrisy of the British Tory welfare cuts policy and the DUP’s demand for the cuts to be imposed here.

“How can the DUP justify supporting policies imposed by a Cabinet of millionaires which would force people here onto the breadline. Policies being imposed by a party whose members claim to be unable to live on almost £290,000 a year, including £30,000 rent allowance. 

“DUP spokespersons don’t seem to be able to find the political courage to stand-up to this Tory government, which never received a single vote here, on welfare cuts.

“In the face of this resignation and the reasoning behind it, can Peter Robinson explain the rationale of his support for Tory austerity policies which will mean economic despair for many of those who elected him?”

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