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Israel continues its aggression against the innocent people of Gaza by delaying aid and assistance- Lynn Boylan MEP

7 September, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has described her disgust at seeing at first hand warehouses stacked high with aid for the people of Gaza, while aid items are awaiting clearance from the Israeli authorities

Speaking before the delegation of MEPs was about to conclude its fact-finding trip, Lynn Boylan said:

“Our delegation of MEPs, which included three Irish MEPs, was refused entry to Gaza - a refusal the Irish government has not bothered to comment on. We were informed that our refusal was because we were not bringing ‘immediate aid’. Yet we saw warehouses full of ‘immediate aid’ sitting awaiting clearance from the Israeli authorities. It is a disgrace.

“We are talking about aid items such as wheelchairs, medicines including antibiotics, mattresses, food and water – all sitting for days in warehouses. We saw pallets of schoolbooks and colouring pencils sitting side by side with psychosocial support packs (containing skipping ropes, face paints and art materials) provided by Red Crescent, the humanitarian organisation. Such psychosocial support items are essential for volunteers trying to get children to open up about their recent experiences in Gaza.

“Red Crescent informed us that it can take up to six months to get medical equipment into Gaza during the blockade. Yet under international law, medical aid should be given free access. This is simply not happening and it is infuriating for those on the ground.

The Dublin MEP also spoke about the level of aggression and devastation experienced by the people of Gaza:

“Each time Israel launches an attack on Gaza it is more aggressive than the previous attack. This is because Israel is never held to account by the international community for its collective punishment of the people of Gaza. Each time it is the innocent children who bear the brunt of Israel’s violence. The Red Crescent organisation reports that during the 51 days of aggression, 5,000 Palestinian children were born in Gaza. What does the future hold for these children?

“The international community cannot stand idly by and allow this next generation to go through further recurring bouts of horrific violence. The international community must work to end the blockade of Gaza immediately. There is no reason why the Irish government cannot stand up and take a lead on this.”   

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