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West Belfast case demonstrates again Special Branch control

12 October, 2004

Commenting after the DPP decided to drop charges of collecting information against a West Belfast businessman Bill Tierney, Sinn Féin Assembly member Michael Ferguson said that the case once again highlights the nasty anti-republican cadre which still dominates the core of the PSNI.

Mr Ferguson said:

" Bill Tierney and his family have been put through 16 months of hell. He was remanded in custody and his business was forced to close. One of the Diplock judges at an earlier bail hearing branded Mr Tierney a highly dangerous man, a remark widely reported in the press.

" These bogus charges followed a failed attempt by the PSNI Special Branch to recruit Mr Tierney as an informer. When this attempt failed they colluded with the DPP and created a bogus against Mr Tierney resulting in his imprisonment.

" It will be interesting to hear what the SDLP and others who defend the PSNI Special Branch day and daily have to say about this case. It is obvious to any impartial onlooker that Mr Tierney has been victimised as the result of the work of a nasty anti-republican, anti peace process cadre which continues to dominate the PSNI from within.

" This case and others like it demonstrate in a real and tangible way the distance which still must be travelled before we reach the stage were we have an acceptable policing service and an impartial criminal justice system." ENDS

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