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Hogan nomination is an embarrassment – Matt Carthy MEP

8 September, 2014 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP, Matt Carthy, has reiterated his call to Taoiseach Enda Kenny to withdraw his nomination of Phil Hogan as European Commissioner. He has asked the Taoiseach to put forward a representative who will inspire the confidence of not just MEPs and governments but the people of this state and across Europe. 

Mr. Carthy said that Phil Hogan’s nomination was an embarrassment and he urged the Taoiseach to put the interests of Ireland ahead of his desire to reward political loyalty.

Mr. Carthy said: 

“Phil Hogan is a very bad candidate for the job.  Mr Hogan has been at the centre of controversies in almost every brief he has ever held.  His nomination process will be a national embarrassment.

“The most recent disclosures over his mishandling of the Irish Water debacle have compounded the problem.  When this is added to his long list of failures, controversies and ill-judgments it is clear that MEPs from many member states are going to be uncomfortable with this nominee. 

“The Taoiseach should be investing Ireland’s political capital into securing increased funding for job creation and infrastructural development, a better deal for rural Ireland and family farmers and for the full recapitalisation of the Irish banks.  Instead he will be using the clout he has to secure a high paid job for a close political friend”.

Referring to reports that Phil Hogan is in line for the Agricultural commission post Mr. Carthy said: 

“As a member of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee I want to see an Irish commissioner hold this post.  But, more importantly, I want to see a better deal for rural Ireland and a fairer distribution of agricultural supports so as to ensure the viability of Irish Family Farms.  There is no evidence that Phil Hogan will even attempt to deliver upon these needs.

“As Minister for Environment Phil Hogan has been no friend of rural Ireland; in fact he has made life more difficult for families living in rural communities.  Our nominee should be someone who will want to create a better Ireland and a fairer Europe.  Phil Hogan is not the person for that job.”

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