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Put people before profits of international companies - Anderson

16 September, 2014 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has called on the European Commission to listen to the views of the people on a controversial trade deal. 

Speaking from Strasbourg, Ms Anderson said; 

"The Canada-European Trade Agreement (CETA) includes a mechanism which would give privileges to international investors allowing them to sue governments in offshore tribunals. 

"This would allow huge international companies to ride roughshod over democratically elected governments for introducing any regulations likely to upset their profits. 

"The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP), which Sinn Féin also opposes, contained a similar clause. 

"Essentially this is an attempt to introduce TTIP by the back door. 

"This is despite the fact that 150,000 citizens responded to the European Commission's recent consultation on this mechanism in TTIP. 

"However the European Commission seems not to be taking these genuine concerns into account and in pressing ahead with this plan is making a mockery of that consultation. 

"I am calling on the Commission to put the interests of people before the profits of major international companies by removing this mechanism." 

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