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Department of Enterprise funds to be cut again despite continuing jobs crisis – Peadar Tóibín TD

17 September, 2014

Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín has raised concern regarding the impact on potential employment of further cuts to the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation budget in 2015 noting that, “whilst any improvement in Ireland’s employment figures is welcome inaccurate analysis or spin by the government will not lead to the necessary policy changes or to the necessary resource allocation to resolve the crises.”

The Sinn Féin Jobs Spokesperson said:

“The total number of people on the Live Register stands at 382,000 people. In the three years this government came to power we have seen 40,300 net new jobs created. Only 5,000 net new jobs were created in the first 6 months of this year. The proportion of young people in Ireland who are neither employed nor in education or training is well above the European average. Underemployment and long term unemployment are still stubbornly high. Finally there is a yawning Dublin/the rest chasm with regards jobs growth, increasing the two tiered economic experience. 80,000 people, twice the new jobs figure, exist on activation programmes many with little training, pay or career benefits. And in the 3 years of this government nearly ¼ million people have emigrated.

"This states jobs crisis is an outlier in international terms and Fine Gael and Labour’s response has been wholly inadequate. The Government’s policies are overly dependent on FDI. FDI is good and we need to ambitiously attract it. But it must be developed in balance with native business. The truth is our indigenous enterprise sector is the poor relation and needs far more support. Regionalisation of both IDA and EI activities is a must.

“Private investment collapsed and in a counter cyclical manner this governments needs to bridge the gap with efficiency generating infrastructural investment in areas such as next generation broadband, transportation, green energy, secondary roads, water treatment, refurbishing, rebuilding and retrofitting schools and the social housing stock and waste management. Much of the collapse of private investment is due to dysfunction within the banking system. Despite some changes credit is still not properly available. We see government paralysis despite supposedly being in charge of the banking sector.

“Business costs, many within the control of the government are leading to competitive disadvantages for business and the state. We need the abolition of Upward Only Rents. Utility costs increases need to be reined in. Progressive business rates need to be created to help businesses on the edge. Self-employed people not being within welfare safety net is a barrier to enterprise entry as a generation remain burnt from previous experiences?

“Since 2011 the Department of Enterprise’s budget has been cut by €66mn. It’s unreal that Enterprise in a time of jobs crisis is facing further cuts this year. The department itself has noted that this makes it extremely challenging for the Department to fulfil without negatively impacting on the enterprise, innovation and reform agendas. The rate of Jobs growth is already painstakingly slow. At this rate anything like full employment will be postponed for another generation.”

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