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Unemployment figures highlight the disasterous effect that welfare cuts will bring - Flanagan

17 September, 2014 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin MLA and deputy chair of the Enterprise, Trade and Investment committee Phil Flanagan has highlighted his serious concerns that the North of Ireland remains the highest in terms of unemployment. 

Speaking today Mr Flanagan said:

“I welcome the fact that the unemployment register has fallen for the 20th consecutive month.

“However there are serious concerns that the North of Ireland still has the highest  level of claimants of unemployment benefit compared with England, Scotland or Wales.

“Quite clearly the north has been hit disproportionately in terms of the global economic downturn, the legacy of underinvestment by successive British governments and the ever increasing pressures on the Executive through reductions in the block grant.

“Those who have been left unemployed or underemployed as a result of the economic downturn are some of those who would be hit hardest by welfare cuts. This will be a disaster for people, who through no choice of their own, do not have access to a job. We must deliver for them.

“There has been strong work carried out by Executive in terms of job creation, however, in order to develop our own economy to its fullest potential we must see an end to tory driven cuts and the transfer of finacial powers.”

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