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Kenny welcomes moving of writ for Roscommon South Leitrim by-election

17 September, 2014

Speaking today after the writ was moved in the Dáil for the Roscommon South Leitrim by-election, Sinn Féin candidate Martin Kenny said:

“I welcome the moving of the writ today in the Dáil. This by-election presents an opportunity to the people of Roscommon South Leitrim to send a clear message to the establishment parties that their policies have failed the people of this constituency.

“The economic collapse brought on by Fianna Fáil’s mismanagement of the economy has been devastating for this constituency and people in this area have been further insulted by the talk of a so called recovery by Fine Gael and Labour, while they have put up with second class public services, emigration, unemployment and an attack on quality of life and standards of living with little or no attempt to create jobs or a real future for our young people.

“This election is a choice between the politics of the past – of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, and the politics of the future – an alternative based on fairness, equality and Irish Unity put forward by Sinn Féin.

“The people of Roscommon South Leitrim do not need another Government TD which will mindlessly continue to support the austerity agenda, which has impacted so heavily on this constituency and we certainly do not need any more of Fianna Fáil’s auction politics in the Dáil.

“Politics is changing – there is hope for the future. People all across this island, in growing numbers are identifying with the need to establish a means of doing politics which delivers for people on the ground - our families and communities. Sinn Féin can deliver this and it is time for the people of Roscommon and South Leitrim to be part of that growing consensus for change.

“A Sinn Féin TD for this area will be part of a strong and growing party in the Dáil, committed to the abolition of the property tax, to opposing water charges and to defending critical public services against ruthless austerity budgets.

“A Sinn Féin TD for this constituency will work to ensure that the needs of this constituency are heard in the Dáil, to restore services at Roscommon Hospital, to create jobs and to lobby for the upgrade of our water quality and infrastructure.

“In the North we overcame what most thought an impossible task and negotiated a transformation in political and social terms. If Sinn Féin is given the mandate, we will be equally as committed, to transforming this state, to give people real opportunity and to restoring proper services and living standards for all.

“I look forward to the campaign ahead, to meeting with the people of Roscommon and South Leitrim on the doorsteps and putting forward the alternative policies by Sinn Féin to the people.”


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