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Adams responds to Scottish referendum result

19 September, 2014 - by Gerry Adams TD

Speaking following the Scottish independence referendum, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD said;

“The people of Scotland engaged in an informed and respectful debate and have made their choice.

“This decision demonstrates that the people are sovereign and that change is possible.

“The union is no longer fixed, it is in the ownership of the people.

“It will now be up to the Westminster based parties to make good on their promises of full fiscal and policy transfer to Scotland.

“I note this morning the British Prime Minister David Cameron promised that powers to be transferred to Scotland would also be extended to the Stormont Executive.

“The North faces unique economic and social challenges as it emerges from conflict, decades of under investment by successive British governments and the inter-related and independent nature of the all-Ireland economy.

“It should be noted that the imposition of Tory welfare cuts on the people of Scotland was an issue in the referendum. There is a need for the administrations in Scotland and the North to have full control over these matters and protect the most vulnerable in society.

“Sinn Féin is up to the challenge of using the full suite of fiscal powers to grow the economy and reinvest in our people, our enterprises and in our public services.

“The turnout in the referendum in Scotland demonstrated the power of engagement and democracy.

“The Good Friday Agreement provided for a Border Poll. It is time for the people who share this island to have a respectful and informed debate with regard to Irish Unity or continued partition.

“The people here, like our Scottish cousins, should be provided the opportunity in a Border Poll to determine the constitutional position. That is democratic way forward.”


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