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Less lethal weapons conference an insult to their victims

13 October, 2004

the weaponry on display. The reality is that these weapons have killed a number of people in Ireland and maimed thousands. Given our experience with security force abuse of so-called less-than lethal weaponry, this is an issue of major public interest.

"We need a broader, open and transparent public debate on the introduction of this technology, one that goes beyond an elite conference between security forces and the arms industry.

"The Minister for Justice has authorised the use of such weapons by the Gardaí, including a chemical gas projectile capable of delivering CS gas, but he has refused to publish the report recommendations on which he based his decision. As a first step we call again on the Minister to publish the report "Implementation Plan for the Introduction of Less Than Lethal Devices into An Garda Síochána".

"The general public require an accountable and accessible police service, not one tooled up with more weapons of repression designed to murder and maim indiscriminately."ENDS

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