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Gang must lift threat as NI Water works come to a halt

3 October, 2014 - by Paul Maskey

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey has called on an armed gang to lift a threat against water workers in Belfast.

The West Belfast MP was speaking after NI Water stopped work in North and West Belfast following threats to staff over the last 48 hours.

Paul Maskey said:

“NI Water has now stopped work on a scheme to improve water pressure and the quality of the water supply in north and west Belfast after threats from a criminal gang masquerading as Republicans.

“I condemn these threats to public service workers carrying out a necessary upgrade of the water system.

“This gang represents no one in this community and this threat should be lifted immediately.

“The people of West Belfast won’t accept vital public services being held to ransom by a handful of malcontents. 

“The people of the areas in which this necessary work was going on had already been inconvenienced. This threat and the delay to the work being completed will only add to that inconvenience.

“We want to see the workers back on site as quickly as possible so they can complete the improvements to the area’s water system.”

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