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Vote and march against water charges – Cllr Cathal King

4 October, 2014

Sinn Féin’s candidate in the Dublin South-West by-election Cllr Cathal King has urged voters to show their opposition against water charges next week by voting Sinn Féin in the by-election and by joining the national anti-water charges march.

Cllr King stated:
“A vote for Sinn Féin in the Dublin South-West by-election is a vote against the water charges. Sinn Féin believes that citizens should not be forced to pay twice for services they have already paid for through general taxation.  
“The current government has continued to make choices that are not in the interests of the people. They have continued the legacy of political strokes which benefit no-one but themselves. The water charges are yet another regressive move.
“Sinn Féin is the only political party that offers a realistic alternative to the water charges. Our alternative budget for 2015 details necessary adjustments that can be made without charging households for water.
“Sinn Féin is centrally involved in the Right2Water campaign which is committed to abolishing domestic water charges. It is a national campaign that includes trade unions, political parties and campaign groups. The more people that get involved in the campaign, the sooner we might see an end to these unfair charges.
“I urge everyone join a national march on Saturday, October 11th to highlight the campaign. Everyone who opposes this charge should join with us on the march.
“Voters against these water charges can also make their voice known by voting Sinn Féin in the Dublin South West by-election on Friday, October 10.
“Sinn Féin is committed to working with others to end these charges for ordinary families throughout Ireland. I am also personally committed to ensure the reversal of water charges for the people Dublin South-West.

“I am urging the people of Dublin South West to vote and march against water charges next week.”


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