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O hÉara selected as Sinn Féin Foyle Candidate in Westminster Election

9 October, 2014

Accepting the nomination Gearóid O hEára thanked the delegates and pledged to work in the interests of everyone in the community if elected.

Gearóid O hÉara said, “In my opinion the role of the local MP should be to champion the interests of all of the people of the city in the pursuit of job creation, youth opportunities and the development of the infrastructure of the city, such as the A5, the A6,  the airport, the railway system, Third level education and the Port.

“This city has a wealth of talent, elected and non-elected, and what is required is that we harness all of those skills and political influence to achieve economic and social prosperity for this city. Unity of purpose and the building of an inclusive city should be the goal of all of us who live here. The One-Plan and the creation of the new council gives us guidance on what the issues are and how we should go about tackling them.

“Sinn Féin believes that many of our economic, infrastructural, tourism and social economy deficits – particularly in the North West - emanate from the political divisions of the past. And while the Peace Process hasn’t totally eradicated discrimination against the North-West we have to be vigilant as we work to build Derry’s future. We must endeavour to deliver a better future, job opportunities and infrastructural investment now.

“This presents significant challenges requiring strong leadership in Derry and the North West if we are to provide an inclusive and strategic approach to the regeneration of the region.

"Sinn Féin is demonstrating that leadership and my track record on delivery of projects in this City is a matter of record. Sinn Féin is determined to create a work environment driven by local entrepreneurial endeavour that will project a picture of confidence and pride which will in turn attract other investment.”

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