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Israel should foot bill for reconstruction of Gaza - Lynn Boylan MEP

12 October, 2014 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Following the "Conference on Palestine, reconstructing Gaza" which took place in Cairo today, Dublin MEP Lynn Boylan has questioned why the international community, rather than Israel, is financing the reconstruction of Gaza.

Speaking in Dublin, the Sinn Féin MEP said:

"The recent Israeli assault on Gaza was not a one-off assault but part of a cycle of assaults. Gaza was still recovering from the Israeli attacks of 2008-9 and 2012 before the latest Israeli attack.

"During my recent visit to Palestine and Israel as part of a delegation of MEPs, Israel's wanton and criminal damage of infrastructure was highlighted to us.

"The most important question now is why the international community is repeatedly being asked to foot the bill for Israel's criminality? Surely Israel should be forced to foot this bill?

"At a recent EU vote on a motion seeking reparation from Israel for its destruction of EU funded projects in Gaza, I and my three Sinn Féin colleagues voted in support of such reparation. It is shamefully noteworthy that all other Irish MEPs did not support this.

"The EU is the largest multilateral donor of financial assistance to the Palestinians. In the last ten years the EU has contributed more than €1.3bn to the Gaza Strip. The EU High Representative/Vice-President Catherine Ashton announced a further contribution of €450m at today's conference. The Irish government has promised €2.5m in funding.

"The EU is today donating another large sum of money to the region yet still remains silent on Israel's wanton and criminal destruction of infrastructure that the EU itself has already financed. This cannot continue.

"The international community alone should not be financing the reconstruction of Gaza after Israel's latest assault.The time has come to cry halt. Israel must be held accountable for its actions" .

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