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Molloy in London to raise need to defend Good Friday Agreement

15 October, 2014 - by Francie Molloy

Sinn Féin Mid-Ulster MP Francie Molloy was in London yesterday (Tuesday) to brief British politicians on the current severe difficulties in the Irish peace process, given the emergence of a pan-unionist anti-Agreement axis.

Speaking after attending a reception in the Irish Embassy in London to mark the publication of Jonathan Powell’s book drawing on his experience in the Irish Peace Process Molloy said:                                                   

“Powell spoke positively about the leadership given by Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams, and I took the opportunity to raise the events in the Assembly this week when the DUP under Peter Robinson's leadership reneged on an agreement made with Sinn Fein on the sharing of the position of Speaker.

“There is widespread agreement on an urgent need for the two governments to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement. The DUP action this week brings into question its reliability to honour any future Agreements unless the two governments guarantee their implementation.

"While the DUP record on keeping to the letter and spirit of agreement is dismal, that of the two governments is not much more encouraging.

"The British government's appeasement of negative unionism and the Irish government's detached attitude to the potential of the GFA is unhelpful and counter-productive.

“The Irish Government has previously played a constructive role in each successful negotiations from Good Friday, through to St Andrews and Hillsborough.

“We have consistently called on the Irish government to re-assert this role as a co-equal guarantor of the agreements.

“I am glad that both governments have now called these talks and that the US administration is also willing to once more assist this process. The DUP leader had also called for talks but now appears to be preparing to walk out before they have even begun.

“This in-out negative unionist approach to negotiations is unacceptable and unsustainable.” 

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