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DUP show contempt for talks process - McGuinness

16 October, 2014 - by Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness has said the DUP showed utter contempt to the British and Irish governments by refusing to attend the opening of talks. 

Speaking after the opening session of talks, Mr McGuinness said; 

"The refusal of the DUP to attend the opening of these talks showed utter contempt to the two governments and all the other parties and the people who elect us. 

"The last two years have been appalling because of the unwillingness and refusal of the DUP and other unionists to accept the democratic decision of Belfast City Council and parading. 

"The refusal to honour commitments in relation to the the redevelopment of Long Kesh and most recently, the installation of a Sinn Féin Speaker are symptomatic of that. 

"I am going into these talks to make positive and constructive contributions so as to make these institutions work. However, they can only work on the basis of equality and a commitment to partnership.

"The two last years have been made appalling by the DUP’s refusal to honour agreements.

"The DUP are not at today’s plenary. There is clearly no credible process without a plenary where people illustrate their commitment to a process and can agree a work programme.” 

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