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Dublin Sinn Féin Councillors show support for Marriage Equality

22 October, 2014

Sinn Féin LGBT recently welcomed Moninne Griffith of Marriage Equality, to discuss the upcoming marriageequality referendum.

Speaking after the successful information evening on the referendum, Sinn Féin LGBT officer and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown county councillor Chris Curran said:

“Garnering support from across all sections of society is important in the run up to this referendum, which is rumoured to be take place in the Spring of 2015. Sinn Féin supports equality and that is what this referendum is about, equal access to civil marriage and the right to demonstrate their love for each other”.

Referencing the softening stance of the church on the issue, Councillor Curran continued:

“As much as the recent Catholic bishop Synod failed to endorse gay people or their "gifts and qualities", the events in Rome mark a seismic shift in the Papal attitude towards gay people.

“I believe we should embrace the fact that the event even took place as it shows we're on the right road.  It would have been unimaginable that such positive messaging could have come for Rome under previous Popes. This Pope is special and seems to have a vision for the future of the church and I'm confident that the events of the last few weeks will herald a new relationship between the Catholic Church and LGBT people.”

“What we need to make sure marriage equality is enshrined in our constitution, is for people to vote, that’s why the fast approaching voter registration deadline is so important. If people care about this issue we encourage them to make they’re registered to vote by the November 25th deadline”.

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